The fraught, painful decision to #BirthStrike is one that nobody should ever have to make. And that is the point.

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21 children are suing the US government for violating their most basic rights. Via InsideClimateNews.

I am a strong proponent of the principle of bodily integrity; everyone has the right to procreate, and I do not denounce those who choose to exercise that right. The fact that many are now giving it up, and will not have children due to the threat of climate change, just goes to show how dire the situation really is.

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been widely covered in the news and circulated on social media. …

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Hans Monderman’s “Naked Street” — illustration by Max Borka.

Roads, highways, and parking lots comprise about one-third of the land area of nearly every American city. The vast majority of our streets have been designed with priority for cars — noisy, polluting, dangerous cars. It begs the question: if the street is public property, shouldn’t people be the focus?

The exponential rise and now ubiquity of the personal vehicle has relegated the person— a pedestrian, cyclist, etc.— to the backseat, in the mind of drivers and, until recently, urban planners. On car-centric streets, people are an afterthought. An inconvenience. A liability.

Since when is making space for cars more important than ensuring space for human beings? This broken social contract seems to be yet another pressure point in the erosion of America’s democratic values and participation. …

August 3, 2018

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What happens to the contents of your recycling bin after you put it out for curbside collection? Do all of the recyclables actually get recycled?

The short answer: not always. We have good intentions when we recycle; nobody wants a polluted, unsafe environment. The problem is, most of us do not make sure that the items we want to recycle are actually recyclable — or that they are clean and dry — before putting them in the bin.

We’ve been overloading the global recycling market with too much plastic, often too wet, moldy, or otherwise contaminated to be recycled in Southeast Asia, where processing facilities are cheaper than our local ones.


Anna Michel

Climate Solutionist & Advocate // Lover of People & Planet.

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