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One of the coolest experiences I’ve had as Usabilla’s Product Designer is seeing the feedback form I designed live on some of my favorite brand’s sites.

For instance, I use Europcar quite often. For a recent road trip through Italy, I went on their site and I was able to click on the Usabilla feedback button and see my design! It always makes me happy to see the form that fits their brand look and feel.

This post is a summary of my talk at UX camp Brighton and my workshop at ux-live

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Brainstorming and clustering the users main problems

At Usabilla, our goal is to help our customers collect feedback in the most innovative way; now and in the future. However, day-to-day issues and current development work tend to occupy our Product and Development teams, leaving little to no room for strategic thinking.

About half a year ago, we decided to kickstart a new initiative: The Usabilla Concept Team.

Gal Agmon

A digital product designer @usabilla by @surveymonkey. User-focused, art, photography and book design lover. From Israel, currently in Amsterdam.

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