MEG — Mompreneurs English Group

If you know me you know I’m always seeking new opportunities, always eager to explore new things.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

A while ago, I’ve joined a Facebook group called “Mompreneurs — Mother Entrepreneurs in Hungary”. As its name says: this is a group of mothers who have young children and run their own small businesses.

The funny thing is, what most of them do has nothing of my interest, but the support and help everyone gives to others is outstanding. Even just reading the posts and comments make me believe the world is a good place and together we can make it even better ❤

The most of us live in Hungary, but some moved abroad, because of work, love, or simply looking for new challenges. But there is one common thing: each of us speaks English as a second language…

The idea

While discussing several things in the group (you know, the challenges and joys of being a female entrepreneur with small children… we have a lot to talk about!), one thing came up: many members said they have difficulties with speaking in English, even if they’ve learned the language for many years.

My article Public Speaking in English as a Second language resonated with many of them. They also translated it to Hungarian (and some of my other posts, too), and then the story started to live its own life…

In the end, I found myself discussing the possibility of a new group to help others practicing to speak English in a supporting atmosphere.

And here it is, our first group meeting just happened this week…

How it works?

If you take a look at the picture above, you immediately can tell we are mothers, right? :) Babies are around us, playing, walking around, sometimes in our lap, sometimes messing up the room, sometimes repeating words like “hi” and “good” and who knows what else…

The funny thing is: nobody cares! Since we’re all mothers and know exactly what life looks like with children… I have never had any conference call with so many children participants ;)

The goal in the group is to support each other, and the whole meeting looks like just friends chit-chatting about life while the kids are just trying to get our attention, too.

But there is one important difference.

This supporting group made everyone speak English only. Not even one Hungarian word, despite that fact that it is everyone’s primary language.

I am really impressed how good job everyone made, and I’m sure some of these wonderful ladies spoke more English during this one hour call than in the past few years in total!

What we plan to do is to make these calls once a week for twelve weeks. Every week has a topic we discuss: since it was our first meeting the topic today was to introduce yourself, your family and your business. Next week it is summer plans (camps for school kids, family holidays, travel, grandparents, and how to survive the school break as a mother ;) ).

To make sure everyone has a chance to speak, I asked everyone to speak for 2 minutes (at least), introducing herself. First, many said it’s a hard exercise. Speaking for two minutes? It’s scary, isn’t it!?

But in the end, everyone made it through and did a GREAT job! They didn’t even realize when the 2 min goal was over and I had to politely stop some of them at 5 min ;)

What’s next?

Now I have a good understanding of everyone’s English speaking skills. Since it’s a supporting group, we don’t really care of the level of knowledge, but it’s important for me to be able to mentor the group discussions.

The important thing is to encourage everyone to speak, speak and speak even more.

I know some of those wonderful ladies want to expand their businesses to the international market. I know some of them want to make YouTube videos. Some of them married to someone in Italy, Spain, Germany… So many wonderful stories. We can learn so much from each other.

I am happy that I have found this group of mothers, and very happy that MEG (“Mompreneurs English Group”) has started with such an amazing group of ladies.

We’ll see what these 12 weeks bring but I am pretty confident everyone will learn and grow a lot. And who knows? It might be the beginning of something bigger, too.

Together, we can make the world a better place, don’t we? ❤

Ps. No, I am not an English teacher. My English is not perfect either. What I can do for this group is to encourage everyone, which is the biggest help they need now. I wish I could have had a group like this ten years ago…