What is beauty?

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Beauty is everywhere
Beauty is in your food
Beauty is on your face

Beauty is on the ground
Beauty is on the leaves
Beauty is amazing

Beauty is through the ears
Beauty is music you listen
Beauty is what you make

Life lessons

No need to solve other people’s problems.

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Do you see that on social media too, in your friend's circle, on the streets, and elsewhere? A lot of people tell you things to do or at least telling their opinion about things you do. A sort of advice?

The other way around is also possible: people asking you how to do certain things, but you don't know about what he or she asks. But she or he insists you have an answer to the problem that is given to you.

A thing that I’m thinking about lately, is that a lot of people think that others will solve their problems. …

Medium / Writing / Poetry / Creativity

Poem about changes in Medium.

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This is a huge test
Just this platform
Again, and again

With many words
Why this is now
Without warning

Now it is dark
With diverse colors
You can change

In the near future
Testing this again
With more words

No more change
Right now
Which I can’t handle

Finding out something new
To get to know the new features
Having fun as a writer

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Agnes Laurens

Mother. Wife. Local #newspaper, #painting, #violin. Giving my soul into #writing. agneslaurens.substack.com. http://eepurl.com/gA_TKX, now Coronavirus too.

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