Medium Writers: Please, stop bragging about your Medium earnings

In the last few weeks, I see a lot of headlines with titles on how much they earn writing through Medium or at another platform. It irritates me a lot.

Agnes Laurens
Jan 19 · 3 min read

Why on earth would someone know what you earn through your writing? Why would you even write about it in the first place? I mean, I wouldn’t brag about my earnings, because it is something personal.

I don’t care about the earnings you earned during your career. Really!! I don’t really care about it. Why would you brag about your earnings? I do get it that you would help others how to use this wonderful platform. But do you really help others by bragging about your earnings? At least, that’s how it looks like to me.

You can help others by telling the steps on how to earn, but I don’t care what your earnings are and how much your salary monthly is. Why should I know what you earned today by writing or any other profession? Of course, there are people in the world earning way a lot more money than others, but there are families who have so many difficulties to cope for a month. Just because they don’t have money. It’s part of the world.

To me, it looks like if you want to make people jealous by talking about your earnings. Maybe it is not your intention to make others jealous, but it looks like that to me. It also irritates me a lot lately. It looks that my feed is only about earnings. It could be that you’re proud of what you’ve achieved with your career, I get that. I’m sorry if I misinterpret your story. But most of the stories read like, haha, I did it, you didn’t!

I click on those stories to look read why someone writes about it. What is the purpose of the story? Why does someone write about what he earns? Is there a philosophy behind this story and what is the philosophy? Things I’m thinking about. Why would someone brag about earnings? What is interesting about such a topic? I truly don’t care about your earnings and how much you earn.

So, I believe we all should stop bragging the earnings we get. It could make people sad when he doesn’t get what they get or what they want. There are plenty of people who are not able to get the earnings they want or deserve to get. They find it difficult to take the leap or balls to go where they actually want! Or maybe there were situations they couldn’t be aware of and lost all their money.

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Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives in Bunnik, The Netherlands, with her husband and three daughters. Writing is — aside from playing the violin — one of her passions since childhood. She is on Twitter and Instagram.

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Agnes Laurens

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Mother. Wife. Local #newspaper, #painting, #violin. Giving my soul into #writing., now Coronavirus too.

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