Naked and Falling in Love Together

Through It All…

Nestled between and amongst the evergreens, monochrome skies, mountainous terrains, and rushing waters is a breeding ground for inspiration and innovation. A space to create, to cultivate, and to collaborate in hopes of finding connections that will help us make sense of your world, my world, our world. Despite the ambiguity, the ruggedness, and darkness of it all, a juxtaposing certainty, safety, and light among the distance provides a promising way of existing. It’s not always full of sunshine and warmth, but rather a place where we cut through the brutality of cold rain and winds to find a place of solitude and stillness. A place to breathe. A place for rest.

A place to be naked. Together.

When one reads that opening, they probably envision the Pacific Northwest or another part of our world enveloped with deep greens and blues and limited rays of sunlight. While this sentiment holds true, it also resembles the entrapment we encounter when we our presented with obstacles and the longing we have for a moment to escape from the chaos.

You, me, and billions of other people, feel the need to hold in and suppress our burdens and losses in hopes that one day everything will dissipate. Even more, we feel the need to fight a lot of it on our own. To a certain extent, we need those moments of isolation to sort through the heaviness. But at some point, the weight becomes unbearable and takes a toll on our physical, mental, and emotional being.

Even though you may get lost among these evergreens, monochrome skies, mountainous terrains, and rushing waters, there’s an opportunity for connection to thrive.

For nakedness to thrive.

Asking for help can be challenging. Some will argue that it’s baring too much of yourself and showing dependence. To an extent and in certain spaces, it can be. But the way I see it, they’re your truths. So own them. To evoke such power and conviction through vulnerability is an attribute many of us struggle with and needs to be done more often. Our society continuously lives on brevity and fabricated stories that authenticity is rare to find these days.

So what do we do?

We wait it out on our own. We try to let time heal us. We throw ourselves into art, nature, music, literature, work, sports, and anything else that works as a band aid to temporarily solve our problems. Sometimes it works. And other times, it doesn’t. Isolation and busyness can’t always be the solution.

Because people need people.

When our lives get difficult, the greatest reminder to keep in mind is that you’re alive. You’re here. You’re existing. You’re being. You’re fulfilling a purpose only you can fill. We are not defined or constructed by the confines of our professions or past mistakes, but rather given the tools and opportunities to be present and continue to dream ahead.

Through perspective. Through humility. Through integrity. Through grace. Through patience. Through empathy. Through simplicity. Through it all…

You are enough. You are enough. You are enough.

And you’re not in this alone.

Above all, love unconditionally and receive it graciously. Stay naked. Together.

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