Friday 12th February

After brekkie we went straight to Hoch Zillertal to ski (where we were on Wednesday). This time though it wasn’t snowing, but instead there were clear blue skies with big fluffy clouds. Matt, Liz and Geoff went off while I did the same blue runs as I had on Wednesday. It was very nice with the good weather and the view. I am glad I couldn’t see the big mountain drop on Wednesday! It seems stupid but I was a lot more confident on Wednesday when I couldn’t see the valley than I was on Monday. This time, I could see clearly but I was fine because I had already done those slopes.

The “harder” of the two blue slopes I went down

A bit before lunchtime I went to the cafe to grab us some seats (and a sneaky hot chocolate!). Matt joined me soon after but by the time Geoff and Liz arrived, the food service had gotten very busy. We ended up getting the same potato-meat thing because it had a short queue and it looked very yummy (spoiler: it was).

After lunch they again went skiing on the harder runs while I had fun on my little blue runs. I even wish mine would go on for longer, the T-bar was painfully long and slow to use to go back up. Around 2, 2:30 we met at the cable car cafe for hot drinks and some photos before heading down.

We went to another ski station (I forgot which one) to go down their roller coaster! It was heaps of fun!! It was very cool, and we all wished we had another go but the queue was too long. Back home for a shower then we headed to town to eat out on our last night in Austria (I had a delicious garlic creme-soup).

Back home, we had a nice chat and started packing the suitcases before going to bed (the snow now looked like whipped cream that had been left out of the fridge for too long).

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