Monday 1st to Friday 5th February (mainly Maidstone)

(only a few photos, sorry!)

Monday 1st February (Maidstone)

Up at 9am to get to the train station by 11, we wheeled our huge suitcases around and onto the bus. We were on our way to Chel’s in Maidstone, where we would spend the next few days, through London. At the London Bridge station a kind man lifted my suitcase up the stairs for me :)

One train to London, the tube for two stations, then two trains to reach Maidstone. Chel meets us there and thankfully her house is right by the station. We then drove to a couple of farmer’s markets, and that night Chel cooked us some pies bought at the markets.

Tuesday 2nd January (Maidstone)

Rest day, we didn’t do much, just relax and taking a breather. We started watching the anime [K] with Chel and James, and for dinner I made us my special leek and potato soup.

Wednesday 3rd January (London)

Day out in London! We drove to Tonbridge to avoid having to take two trains, thinking it was closer than it really was. It wasn’t. Oh well! Once in London we took the tube to the London Bridge for another go at the Borough Markets! Matt and I had the venison burgers again, a Baileys and chocolate cheesecake slice and some fudge.

Happy to eat cheesecake!

It was a lot less busy and not as many shops open as last time (mid-week compared to a Saturday, it’s not surprising). It was still quite nice.

We then took the tube to Covent Gardens where I met up with Mauritian pals Faiz, David, Alex and Grace, while Chel, James and Matt went to relax in a cafe. It was really nice to catch up with them, some of them I hadn’t seen for many years (also chatting in French was nice!).

It was so hard to not buy everything!

After catching up and saying goodbye, we took the very busy tube to Oxford Circus to take James and Chel to Shoryu Ramen (the place we had gone to a few weeks earlier with Katee), and it was even better than last time! We then headed back to Maidstone.

Thursday 4th January (Maidstone)

Once again we had an easy, relaxing day. We watched more anime, and Chel cooked us some borsch as a late lunch. It was nice to not have much to do! It was also Chel’s first week off since she moved to the UK a few months prior, so she was happy for the quiet days too.

Friday 5th February (Maidstone)

We meant to leave early but Chel and James ended up getting up a bit late. We went into Maidstone for lunch in a pub. Afterwards we drove to Dover to have a look at the white cliffs, and to Canterbury’s cathedral but unfortunately we arrived there quite late so we just breezed past. Back at Chel’s, we ordered her favourite Indian (which was fantastic), and finished packing.

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