Monday 8th February (Zell am Ziller)

Good morning!

First ski day! But first, a quick run to the ski shops to buy sunglasses for Geoff. We then headed to the Gerlobtein ski area. I was happy to get on the cable car, but I got too anxious about skiing to really enjoy the view. Now that we were there, I was really dreading skiing! (I had only skied once a long long time ago when I was 11)

We headed to the baby run for me to learn the basics, but I was really stressed and flustered. After a little bit, Geoff and Liz left to go down some harder runs while Matt tried to keep me together. After a few tries (and a good cry) I started to feel a bit better. I sent Matt off so he could do some actual skiing while I kept practicing and going up the conveyor belt. I felt better and more confident after a while.

We met up for lunch at the ski restaurant near the cable cars. It was nice and not overly busy. I grabbed a very comforting hot chocolate while I waited for the others. We all had delicious soup (Geoff did get a bratwurst), and I stayed a bit longer to have some pancakes while they went on more runs.

I went back to the baby run but the snow had turned into an awful texture so after 2 descents I tried out the tubing they had next to the baby run (and accidentally bowled into the girls that went before me despite waiting 5mins!).

I then headed back down to the car, swapped my ski boots for the moon boots (best feeling in the world!!) and went to wait at the local hotel bar. Liz joined me shortly after and we waited for Matt and Geoff who had decided to go the whole way down from the top to the bar. After some drinks for Geoff and Liz (and another hot chocolate for me), we went home for dinner (leberkase, mash potatoes and brocoli!)

Matt’s photos from much higher than I went:

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