Saturday 13th February (on the road)

We finish packing and cleaning up before heading out. The snow starts falling as we leave.

We head to Neuschwanstein castle but we get stuck in traffic, then the car’s GPS took us down the motorway, then made us backtrack for 20km! The way through the mountains looked very nice though.

Once we got to the town, the tickets were sold out for the castle! We’re very disappointed but Geoff and Liz decide to walk up to it anyway. Matt and I check out the courtyard of the other, smaller castle and the nearby lake.

We then had a hot chocolate and a pretzel while we waited for Geoff and Liz to come back. Once we joined up, they grabbed a drink before we headed out on the road to Munich. After dropping our luggage in our rooms, we walked down the street to grab dinner. We had a nice last German meal!

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