Saturday 30th and Sunday 31th January (Edale)

Early morning, quick breakfast at Costa and then we’re headed straight to Edale for our hike.

We started around 12:30, leaving the car in the local town’s parking.

The climb was hard on me, because on top of being unfit, my pants were slightly too big for me and made it hard to step up (the seat of the pants were too low and it was like a tight elastic band around my thighs waaah). However once we reached the top of the hill it was a lot more pleasant.

The view was amazing! Some times the wind got crazy and we did get some sleet on the way up. Matt and I were particularly glad for the waterproof hiking shoes we bought that previous Tuesday. During the snack break, the wind sent Liz’s sandwich flying into the mud!

Once we reached the end of the plateau and started to descend, the ominous clouds on our left turned into an unexpected snowstorm! At first it was very fun for Matt and I, having the snow come down and coat the landscape, but then the wind was on our backs… It became a bit less fun when we took a turn and had to face the wind, snow and sleet hitting us in the eyes!

It was still a cool experience. I liked it less when we had to go uphill again a few times. And can you believe they didn’t serve hot chocolate at the pub at the end of our hike?? (we finished around 4:30, but it was pretty much night by then!)

Afterwards, we drove to Manchester, where we had time for a good shower at our hotel before meeting up with Deaclan for dinner (at a Nepalese restaurant, yum!) It was nice for Matt and I to have a proper chat with him, since last time we met, we were both quite K.O. from our flight!


Here are Matt’s photos, as my phone died when we reached the top:


We had a lazy morning, and left the hotel around 11am, heading to a place nearby (forgot the name!) to meet Geoff’s cousin Margaret for lunch. We had a good time and a very filling lunch, but we had to leave around 4pm to make it home early enough. We had intended to have ramen for dinner but we were still so full from lunch that we decided to skip it. We had one last drink with Graham at the Townwall (this would be the last time Matt and I would see him on this trip).

Once home, Matt and I had to pack, which believe me was quite an ordeal…

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