Saturday 6th February (Austria)

Super early morning at 5:30am to make sure we would get to Heathrow on time! We ended up being an hour and a half early, hurray! (better than being late and missing our flights!) After dropping off one of our suitcases for storage for the week (the two of them would have been too big to fit into the rental car in Austria), we met up with Geoff and Liz for late breakfast, and then boarding together to Munich (and I slept the whole way there).

Once there, we had a lot of trouble finding the car rental’s shuttle. We ended up having to call them and have someone show us where the pick-up was. Once we finally had the car, we drove to Zell am Ziller, in Austria. Traffic jams! Super annoying “smart” car! But despite these hurdles we finally made it to our rented apartment.

After dropping off our things, we headed to town to find dinner. We wanted to do some grocery shopping and cook at the apartment but we arrived too late for the shops. We found a lovely hotel restaurant, Matt and I share a delicious cordon bleu pork, with gulash and spaetzle (spaetzle was awesome!), and exhausted, we headed home to sleep.

The lights of the houses on the mountainside surrounding us made it look like they were floating up in the sky.

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