Thursday 11th February (Zell am Ziller)

We were super sore. We headed back to Gerlosstein, where we had gone on Monday. It was so quiet we thought the cable car wasn’t running! Once up we were greeted by beautiful blue sky, empty slopes, and it was very quiet. We weren’t there that early, but some of the slopes were still perfectly raked without any ski or foot prints!

Geoff, Liz and Matt went off onto some harder runs while I headed to the baby run to warm up. Unfortunately my calves felt like they would rip if I kept going, and I started getting pins and needles in my feet. I was quite desperate to get my boots off so I went into the restaurant where we would meet up for lunch quite early.

It was such a relief to take the boots off! But I was very frustrated because I really wanted to go ski. Liz joined me at around 11:30, and Matt and Geoff around 12. They had had to go all the way down because the lift they had planned to take midway had closed down for a while. They were not happy and quite tired.

Dessert! Dumpling in vanilla custard, I think?

After lunch we all felt better. My feet and legs were fine in the ski boots now, so I decided the try this area’s blue run. Geoff and Liz went ahead and Matt stayed to help me. I really struggled because the slope was too steep, and I couldn’t direct myself properly. I became very discouraged, especially since the only way back up was by a T-bar, then more slopes before the cable-car. I’m a scaredy-cat so as soon as I picked up a bit of speed I’d panic and flop over. I was also too sore to control myself properly (morale of the story: get fit before skiing!)

The last bit at the bottom of the slope wasn’t too bad, and I made it to the T-bar. However once we reached the top I got scared again, the slope looked so very steep! But it’s not like I had a choice… After a few falls we reached the part where the access trail branched off from the main slope, and once we got there it was much easier! I liked it a lot, I even went super fast! Victory!

At the end, Matt went back down and up again so he could try out the mega-steep slope, and this time I stayed behind to watch and record it (but didn’t press the button properly boo)

Afterwards, Geoff and Liz joined Matt for more slopes as I headed down by cable-car. At the pub I had a couple of teas while waiting, and after they had a drink once they joined me, we headed home, where I showed Liz how to make rice, lentils and rougaille saucisse (a Mauritian meal).

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