Wednesday 10th February

It’s snowing!!

Liz had broken her sunglasses too so another quick run to the shops before heading to Hochziller Ski area. I was really dreading putting on my ski boots but it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. The cable cars were a lot more streamlined than Monday. This area was definitely more popular than the first one.

Despite the snowing, there was a fair bit of people. As we get to the top, it was snowing down heavily and the visibility was quite low, but Matt and I weren’t bothered. Matt came down the baby run with me, but it wasn’t as nice as the one on Monday. The slope was even more gentle (so more effort to go down), and instead of a conveyor belt they only had an electric rope that you grab and it pulls you up.

Matt left me to practice while he went down some proper runs. I got bored pretty quickly and decided to check out the sleds. It was too close to lunchtime, so I thought if I were to hire a sled it’d be afterwards.

The restaurant was so packed it took me 30mins of looking around and waiting to grab us four seats. Geoff and Liz joined us not long after. The hot chocolate was good but the food was very unimpressive.

After lunch, Matt convinced me to try a gentle blue run with him. It was really really nice, it was super wide and there weren’t many people going down. I had a good time! At the bottom I learnt to use the platter to go back up. We then went down the whole length of the run (one part of it was way too flat, we had to push with our stocks), and then I got to learn to use the T-bar (it looked scary but it was really easy).

That’s how low the visibility got!

We met up with Geoff and Liz at the top, and I felt confident enough to go down the steeper, narrower run on the right (still a blue run). It was tons of fun! I did it twice.

Back up top, Geoff and Matt left Liz and I to go do some harder runs. We went down the blue run once more but going back up the T-bar was really slow, and as you have to crouch a bit, really hard on the legs! So we decided to stop and wait at the cafe. As we waited the snowfall slowly eased up.

Clearing up!

Matt and Geoff joined us a bit later, and after a rest and a drink they decided to go all the way down the mountain. Liz and I took the cable car back down, and after changing our boots we took Matt and Geoff’s own shoes to the end of the run so they could change there. They reached the bottom shortly after. The last few hundred meters were apparently awful (“sugar” ice, slush and many bumps).

He’s a lot happier than he looks, he’s just tired from the skiing!
Examining the beer

We went straight home to shower, and then into town for dinner for Geoff’s birthday. We went back to where we had had lunch on Sunday (and I also had ice cream in a crepe with chocolate and whipped cream…). We then went home for an early-ish night.

I was very happy to have gone down these runs, and enjoyed it very much, especially compared to where I was on Monday morning.

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