Neufund is a set of protocols for tokenising securities. Our first product is tokenised private equity. While building our platform the goal has always been to streamline and automate the process of fundraising and investment for both companies and investors. On the one hand, we use blockchain technology to enhance this process. On the other hand, we developed a set of open source tools such as tokenised ESOP or ICO Transparency Monitor to support both investors and companies interested in Security Token Offerings. The next tool is the Term Sheet Ninja.

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An Equity Token Offering does not reinvent the wheel of fundraising. While being more efficient, transparent and cost-effective the company still has to prepare an investment offer, submit a prospectus and prepare a campaign page. Neufund streamlines the process of fundraising through the use of templates throughout the fundraising lifecycle from the initial term sheet to the legal agreements. Additionally, Neufund supports the process of writing a prospectus. While supporting companies at preparing their Equity Token Offerings and designing the platform we have realised that companies often need support when configuring the investment offer.

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I have two news for you. First the bad ones: To do a legal and compliant public offering of securities on blockchain under German law you will have to file a prospectus. …

Many people ask us about what Equity Token Offerings (ETOs)at Neufund are and how they work. We decided to give you a brief overview on how to fundraise with Neufund in this blog post.

As you know from the beginning our goal has been to create a fully-legal and compliant fundraising process. …


Agnieszka Sarnecka

Interested in tech and blockchain-related topics.

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