Agnifa Makes a Mockery of Civil Rights

I was the march on Washington so I know. I was not heroic nor was I called on to be but I was nonviolent and proud of it. Perhaps I should have done more but I was too busy getting an education. Antifa members do not know what side they are on nor are they getting an education. It seems professors at Berkeley and other liberal schools are deliberately lying to their students about everything. They teach them that rhetoric or effective speaking is based not on logic but on insults. Not interesting ones but base moronic ones like F U, eat me or say that again and I’ll kick the shit out of you. They tell their students that a good way to make friends is to beat people up and the path to racial harmony is for blacks to burn white people’s houses down. It goes on forever but the worst is the claim that we who were in the Civil Rights movement were violent. Antifa members behaved like the KKK. It is so bad that I think that all liberal universities should be decertified and their undergraduate degrees should be revoked. This a video about an Antifa member who is telling a black person to get away from him or he will beat him up.

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