Bernie Would Have Brought Massive Change.

It is willfully stupid to compare the changes that took place under Obama when he was just as interested in helping the rich as the Republicans and the Democrats. It seems people are trying to revise history. Democrats are neocons. Democrats are right wing conservatives that are trying to drive the Middle Class into poverty and give the money to the rich. Obama was created by the Oligarchs to destroy working people and make them poor. People will burst in phoney outrage because wealthy members of the middle class did better under Obama but that is the point. Keep turning people against each other and eventually they all will be slaves.

Obama's healthcare plan says it all. It was voted on secretly by the Democrats without debate and without any Republican input or votes. It was only voted for by Democrats and it wrote the insurance companies into the law. It was the biggest giveaway in American history. The Democrats took money from the poor and gave it to those who had more.

Right now the people are afraid to say anything against the corrupt group of tyrants who own America because the Army, Navy, Airforce, secret police, and private police would kill them. If Bernie were president they would all side with the people. How many would demonstrate for free medical care, free college for those who can pass a test, guaranteed jobs for those who work, and an increase in pay and have it all of it paid for by the billionaires? How do you think Pelosi. Ryan, and McConnell would react when they were sent to Gitmo for an attitude adjustment? How do you think Congress would react knowing that Bernie could pull security and let howling mobs onto the floor of congress? The rich now live in a false paradise because every branch of government is on their side. If the people had the President on their side they would win easily.