For My Part, the Basket of Deplorables line was Identical to Mitt Romney’s 47% gaff…but what makes…
Daniel Reagan Diggins

Dodged Another Bullet

Hillary Clinton is the female Nixon who is so paranoid that she blames whatever is in her field of view at the moment for her losing the election. A woman who has never had a logical thought in her life. She lost to Trump the second most repugnant person on the planet who would have lost the election to anyone else including Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot. How the hell you anyone support someone who like Nixon worships Henry Kissinger and bombs babies in his honor. A woman who wouldn’t use a secure server but had an expectation of privacy. She might as well have rented a giant speaker and shouted her secrets from the highest housetops. FBI director James Comey claimed that she couldn’t tell the difference between a desktop computer and a Blackberry. Are his hallucinations so overwhelming that he has the same problem? The FBI used an excuse to let her go that only applies to the retarded or the insane. She didn’t know what security laws were or that it was wrong to break them. Then her supporters blamed the Russians for hacking the election because the CIA said so. They put their faith in the only organization that not only lies constantly but has never once done anything right in all of history. At least they are being consistent as that also describes Hillary. In reality, people working on her campaign released the information. They did it because they didn’t want a psychopath with dreams of ruling the world and destroying it to become president. Her followers should be thanking their lucky stars, instead of lamenting the fact that an apparently misguided Providence saved the world and preserved the dumbest members of the chimp family from extermination.