That was not my question.
E Price

I almost went back and explained myself the first time. I knew you were going to make me explain and I take that as a compliment. You are a very aware person who had to listen to some alien hypnotize the people you were closest to and turn that into zombies. You were horrified like I was to discover that most people in the world are insane and you don’t belong. That kind of experience builds up a lot of heat.

I agree with you delighting in O’Reilly’s pain. I certainly did. If we were enlightened we wouldn’t feel that way. But we do and people should feel their feelings. Your problem is you were honest with the same kind of people who were taken in by him. It doesn’t mean they all support O’Reilly but it does mean that they don’t like to think about how he put his spell on millions. You would have made a lot more points with false magnanimity while this may seem like a place for personal statements it is really a political place.

I live alone and one of the best things about it is I can stomp around the house talking about killing corrupt politicians and describing what I would do with them. O’Reilly is a uniquely bad person and has done a great deal of injury to the country and the world. None of us has done the kind of things O’Reilly has done but we have all done bad things or stupid things and we have all been punished. When you talk about him dying of a heart attack many readers will think of themselves dying in his place.

Last night I just finished binge watching the first season of Limitless. The sadistic villain who I hoped would be tortured to death, died instead with a quick bullet to the back of his head. The villain was given a merciful death so we can kill him anyway we want in the privacy of our own mind. Most people don’t want to think. They want the villain to disappear so they can forget about him.

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