HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA — you really think that this wall is going to “secure” the border?
Victoria Lamb Hatch

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA — you really think that this wall is going to “secure” the border? Seriously? Obviously, you’ve never heard of boats, planes, or tunnels.

You act like a great judging God to whom all hearts are open. It seems your hubris so great that it has moved from the insulting to the ridiculous. I never said that the wall would secure anything only that the people had the right to want one. You don’t think I know about boats, planes, or tunnels either as if no act could have any influence on your will. Why build roads or have boats or planes when nothing has any influence on how people move from place to place? It seems you know that no border measure has has ever worked in the history of the universe.

2. This wall was never meant to be anything more than a fantasy for those who get a woody over the idea of a country without brown people in it.

Trump got one third of the hispanic vote and you believe that every one of those “brown” people had erections over escaping from themselves. At least they don’t have to buy viagra. Speaking of keeping brown people out you have make the U.S. into such a hell hole people are moving to Mexico. http://www.pewhispanic.org/2015/11/19/more-mexicans-leaving-than-coming-to-the-u-s/

3. Which is why it was one of Trump’s greatest hits when he was campaigning. If any of his followers had critical thinking skills, they’d realize that there are some serious problems with building a wall along a border defined by a river.

You act like Trump proposed a wall and nothing else. My concerns were about Hillary’s support for importing goods made with slave labor in China. Her breaking international law and having Gaddafi tortured to death and her turning Libya over to ISIS. What bothered me the most was her genocide against Muslims by bombing their homes and driving them out of Africa. I am sure she must have let out her witches cackle thinking of children who died on a forced march across the Sahara Desert only to have the survivors sink to their doom in the polluted waters of the Mediterranean.

My guess is you like the fact that Trump followed Hillary’s lead and used sarin gas on Syrian civilian and then followed it up tomahawk missiles. It’s important to keep the flow of refugees coming. I wish I had your omniscient view so I would know if my family will survive the upcoming nuclear war with Russia.

4. By the way, just because I think the wall is a stupid idea doesn’t mean that I’m a fan of human trafficking or labor exploitation.

I would never presume to believe that I could read your mind. From what you have said about yourself it seems that you find the pain and sufferings in most people’s lives laughable.

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