All the stats you cite having to do with injury or death sustained by men have a root cause in…
Chris Cook

The idea that women have no influence on the society is absurd. Men bend over backwards to please women. As a group women know far more about society and relationships than men and it makes sense that they are more influential about culture, laws, and rules than men. Influence can be very complex and just because a person has a high office doesn’t mean that he makes all the decisions or any decisions for that matter. Mothers are the most important source of enculturation for over 99% of both males and females. For most people their mother is dominant figure in their life and has the greatest influence on their ideas. Moreover mothers are the most beloved figure in people’s lives. Women have far more characteristics that are positively correlated with being likable. Women are more attractive, smell nicer, dress better, dominate conversations, and are more interesting and personable than men. If a man and a woman are in a relationship he is the lucky one. Some men and far more men than women make inappropriate sexual advances. Men are considered evil and women are good.Blaming men for violence doesn’t mean we should ignore it. It doesn’t make any difference who is doing the hurting if men are being victimized. Moreover hurting people is not a fun activity that is without risk. The fact is that men are expected to use violence if needed be to provide for and protect their family. That isn’t a good thing. No one would say that because only women have children that we should not help them with childbirth. I think that most women in America tend to have a somewhat better live than men but more women than men have terrible lives too. On the other hand more men than women have great lives. In the polls that I have done about 60% of women would want to reincarnate as men while about 80% of the men would prefer to come back as a women. Overall I think that women are better off in America than men.

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