Bernie Would’ve Won… And He Wouldn’t Have Been Much Better
Caitlin Johnstone

Now you really went off the ranch. Bernie said to be successful he would need massive demonstrations. Do you think people would demonstrate for free medical care, free college for those who can pass a test, guaranteed jobs for those who work, and an increase in pay all of it payed for by the billionaires? How do you think Pelosi. Ryan, and McConnell would react when they were sent to Gitmo for an attitude adjustment? How do you think Congress would react knowing that Bernie could pull security and let howling mobs onto the floor of congress? Obama gave into the Congress on everything because he was owned by the Oligarchs. Obama wanted to write in the insurance companies into Obama Care. You not being honest when you compare the . change that took place when the Republicans and the Democrats and the President were all on the same side to when the President, Democrats and mobs willing to kill are fighting the Republicans in Congress.

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