Politicians and Zombies

A constitutional referendum was held in Italy on Sunday 4 December 2016. Voters were asked to approve a constitutional amendment to the Italian Constitution. The amendment would have strengthened power of the government as weakened the power of the voters. Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi so believed that he bill would pass that he agreed to resign it was rejected. Its rejection created a controversy. Was this a populist triumph? The news outlets and public figures who universally supported the measure claimed to be shocked when it failed. The almost sixty percent who voted against it weren’t shocked. The only people who were shocked were the same zombies who were shocked by Brexit and Trump. In every case the main reason that the outsiders won was because the news outlets lied and the aware people knew it, The aware were same kind of people who opposed the war in Vietnam. The Zombies are Nixon’s silent majority. Hillary Clinton by the way another Richard Nixon. She offered the zombies nothing but what they craved most. Hillary would stand by them and hold their little hands while the world that they created with their lies crumbled. Every psychologist knows that the people who become enraged are the ones with something to hide. In their hearts we all know that for the last forty years politicians from every party have been robbing working people and keeping the money for themselves or giving it to the rich. The rich in turn have supported the corrupt politicians by buying up every public figure and all major public new outlets. The papers and the politicians have no facts all they have is name calling. Everyone who opposes them is a racist, misogynist, homophobe, Islamophobe, xenophobe, panophobe. Panophobia is fear of everything and the fear that the zombies fear is their own fear that they project on everyone and anyone who wants change. That fear turns to rage when the results or an elections brings them closer to the truth. What the zombies fear the most is learning that they are zombies.

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