Should We Read the Lying Press

We need to know what our enemies say. Fake news isn’t the same as lies. Fake news use memes that seduce people. Exposure to memes and lies are only way to immunize yourself against deception. Reading is not a spectator sport. It is like fencing where you challenge everything to see it if passes the test and when it does it affirmative it. Lies are more important than the truth because lies tell us what they want to hide. Anyone who thinks that certain media outlets can’t be trusted will tend to think that the others can and be deceived by them. Read everything you can, concentrate on the key facts and ignore the conclusions. Learn how to reason, check the facts, analyze the words. If different new sources use the same words for the same story it’s a fabrication. The same it true with pictures do they use the same victim in stories that are a year apart. Then discuss the stories with people who respect the truth. Those who put a certain ideas ahead of the truth are the most dangerous especially if you like them. Explain to them that the next time it is goodby and stick to it. If something important comes up and you believe it try to refute it. Always test what you agree with more than what you disagree because only the truth can make us free.

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