A Tragic Tale of “Nature”
Sarah Tuttle

The whole idea of monument destruction is a snare and a delusion. It is based on the idea of style over substance. There are all sorts of theories about how these objects are harmful but there is no evidence. What is comes down to is the idea that it better to destroy than to build. That worrying about the name over the bathroom door is more important than making sure that people have enough to eat. I say this because we have that problem now. We have a tremendous imbalance in wealth, which is causing the U.S. to lose ground in science, technology, and innovation and we are making war on ourselves. What we are doing is expressing the idea that we should ignore the good people do and only focus on the bad. It means that like the statues that all of us are hateful because none of us are perfect. It means the death of us, the death or our children, and the death all we love.

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