White Privladge

The term White Privilege is used to lure people into a trap. Those who know that blacks have been oppressed and who want to end the oppression must object to the term. They must object because White Privilege is identical with white oppression. If the term White Privilege is true then white oppression is a logical necessity and will persist as long as anyone has white skin. Well off privileged white people invented the idea and they try to bully people into accepting it.

What does the term mean? It can’t mean the color white is privileged. It can’t mean that people with light skin are privileged. There are plenty of light skin people in Japan and China. So word “white” in White Privilege means white race. We are talking about the members of the white race who live in the United States. Most white people in some other countries have it worse than most blacks do in America.

The formulation is racist. To assign a characteristic to all members of a race apart from how they are defined is racist. The word ‘white privilege” actually means some whites are privileged. But the people who want others to support the idea claim that it means all whites are privileged because of their skin color. The idea cannot be true. White Privilege is a politically correct term and as such is a way of controlling thought through controlling words. The term requires people to lie and making people lie is how totalitarian movements control thought.

Numerous studies have shown that expectations can influence a person’s performance. In one study, girls who were told that they would perform poorly on a math test did poorly. In another, assembly line workers who were told their job was complex performed less efficiently at the same task than those who were told it was simple. Another study demonstrated that adults who were given complex mazes solved them faster when they were told that they were based on a grade-school level of difficulty.

When expectations are tied to one’s sense of self or identity the effect can be even more powerful. Zimbardo did a study that was meant to replicate prison conditions. One group represented prisoners and the other guards. They knew they were in an experiment and their participation was voluntary. Nonetheless the guards began acting in accord with their role as guards and began to abuse the prisoners. It was the same with the prisoners. When one prisoner had a family emergency he asked permission to leave. When he was told that he had to stay he accepted decision as though he were in a real prison. He did this even though he was told before the study that he could leave at any time.

The Mailgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram. The study measured the willingness of study participants, to obey an authority figure that instructed them to administer electric shock as punishment. One of the participants continued to apply shock even though he thought he was killing someone.

The term White Privilege says white people are privileged. We know that whites who believe that they are privileged will act as if they are privileged. Saying the words “check your privilege” changes nothing as long as the person has white skin. Blacks on the other hand can be expected to become more and more submissive to whites as the term white privilege becomes more popular.

The people who talk of white privilege demand that others agree with them not because they are right but because of they are powerful. They gain their authority from the suffering of blacks. What can be more arrogant then believing that they who are white gain power because of black suffering? They believe that they can speak for blacks and think for blacks because blacks have been oppressed. As power comes from the oppression of blacks they have a vested interest in continuing it. The arrogance of such people is mind-boggling and can only be explained by the fact that they believe in White Privilege.