I’m a working person and I didn’t personally feel kicked to the gutter by the OA, and unemployment…
Amanda Deibert

You are a best selling author and working class? It is possible that you were from a working class background. A best selling author who gets to hangout with guys like Al Gore isn’t living a working class life but that is a good thing. You are to be congratulated for your success. You are right that Trump is the enemy of working people as is most everyone in Washington. I did suffer a lot of reverses in the last few years and both parties were responsible. It isn’t just me. NPR’s The Tipping Point: Most Americans No Longer Are Middle Class December 9, 20154:02 PM “Data shows that as of 2015, middle-income households have become the minority. The trend is so firmly established that it may well continue; Americans have experienced “a demographic shift that could signal a tipping point,”” I don’t think we have any important differences. I would like to see the Democratic Party change but I think that is too much to ask. The answer may be a labor party that takes over from the Democratic Party.

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