The Inspiration Lie
Tobias van Schneider

Something akin to this appeared on Medium recently, ‘Every writer starts with a blank page.’ I thought that if I were to ever come across a blank page, I’d wrap myself in it as if it were a blanket, freshly laundered in spring water and line dried over a field of blooming lavender, warmed with sunshine, of course. And I’d sleep like a baby.

Your opener about waiting for inspiration to find us is along the same lines — if I could hide from it, I would.

The fuzzy connotation the word inspiration has achieved, I feel, is akin to saying “the calm warm seas.” An Eskimo would ask, “What seas are YOU talking about?”

Mistaking children for angels is fitting here. Mistaking any inspiration as the path to good work is as dangerous. Your maps of inspiration are awesome, and resonate with me because I see the minefield inspiration can be, and know that navigating it well is key to avoiding being led astray by an inspiration that may lead in a bad direction. And it’s everywhere, like door-knocking salesmen and junk email.

Not all inspiration is good inspiration, and knowing the difference has been a thing. Does anybody else run into this? Or am I sort of all alone here?

PS . . . how do I get Spotify to connect to my Airport Express like iTunes does? I just went Premium, and it didn’t work like I’d anticipated. Thanks in advance.

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