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Artificial intelligence (AI) is already ubiquitous in today’s world. If you found this article on social media or a search engine, an AI-based algorithm decided that you might want to see it (good guess, it seems). More and more products and industries use AI to provide improved or entirely new capabilities — from voice assistants and smart homes to self-driving cars and highly automated factories.

But the technological breakthroughs that led to today’s AI systems and machine learning (ML) algorithms are relatively recent.

By now it’s an overused cliché: “Data is the new oil”. Anybody who works with strong collections of data knows that the value of data is tremendous, but it is anything but a homogenous commodity. Getting the most out of existing data assets is a complex, demanding task. A huge and rapidly growing industry of analytics and machine learning companies focuses on this challenge.

Unlocking value from data is even more difficult when different companies or organizations want to collaborate on data and analytics. Some companies might have machine learning models or analytics capabilities that could help others unlock tremendous…

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Three generations of mobile devices: The original iPhone, a contemporary flagship phone and Microsoft’s foldable Surface Duo.

The last few years of smartphone innovation have been a bit of a disappointment. Manufacturers seem to have run out of ideas. Every year screens are getting bigger, bezels thinner, camera arrays increasingly bizarre. The modern smartphone has turned into an Instagram monster — ideal for taking pictures and scrolling through visual feeds, but not for too much else.

Those of us who try to do work on our phones have been largely neglected. The last major software innovation for productivity was probably split-screen multitasking in Android back in 2016, and the last major hardware advance likely Samsung’s pen-enabled Note…

Data science is a very rapidly growing market. Most toolsets used by data scientists have been adopted from software engineering and are either primitive or overly complicated. Not surprisingly, a lot of data science projects fail, not least due to the lack of effective tools. Neptune.ai, a company based in Poland, makes an elegant new collaboration platform for data scientists that is going to change that. btov Partners is leading a new $3M seed financing round for Neptune. Here is why.

Once or twice a decade, the IT industry creates a fundamentally new job role. The pioneering programmers of the…

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A year ago I became a venture capitalist after 23 years as a startup founder and early-stage startup executive. At the beginning of 2019 I joined btov Partners, one of Europe’s most established VC firms, as a full-time investing partner, and the experience has been quite eye-opening.

When you interact with VCs as a founder — be it during fundraising or later when they sit on your startup’s board of directors — there are many VC behavior patterns that seem a bit strange, sometimes confusing, downright annoying or simply surprising. It’s sometimes hard to understand for founders where these patterns…

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At the beginning of this year, I switched to the other side of the table. I was an entrepreneur for almost 24 years, and I recently took on a new role as a partner at btov, a European VC firm. It’s a rewarding and fascinating job. The part I like most is giving feedback to entrepreneurs, regardless of whether we make an investment or not. The best VCs I have pitched myself as an entrepreneur were always generous with detailed feedback, even if they didn’t particularly like my businesses. I always appreciated that.

Of course every startup is different, and…

Where are the best entrepreneurial opportunities in the mainstream adoption of machine learning?

A consensus is emerging in tech: The next big thing is going to be AI, or more specifically, the broad adoption of machine learning (ML). Now that the S-curve of innovation in mobile is clearly flattening out (cf. Apple’s latest sales results), the tech industry needs another shiny object, and it’s increasingly clear that ML is it. Obviously there’s a lot of excitement around ML, but also a lot of fear and doubt, along with pure confusion about where the market is going. Why is that?


Go to any early-stage startup website, and you’ll likely find a page proudly listing advisors, probably half a dozen or more. Advisors are mentioned in most funding pitches and sometimes even in sales presentations. Having a strong group of well-known advisors has become a quality signal for startups, a proof that Really Important People care enough about this young company to help, volunteering their time and reputation.

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But getting advisors is one thing, actually utilizing their expertise, network and clout effectively is quite another. Many startups don’t tap into the full potential of their advisor group, or they get sidetracked…

Tech startups are not exactly known as bastions of sane work-life balance. Startup jobs have a reputation of requiring very long work hours, and many role models elevate this picture: Elon Musk supposedly works 120 hours a week. Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey by comparison slacks off with just 100 weekly hours. Facebook still occasionally goes into lock-down mode: employees are expected not to leave at all and work around the clock until a problem is solved.

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In the past, long hours were just assumed to be a fact of life in startup land, but increasingly there is push-back

The world of entrepreneurship is full of buzzwords. We all want to found the next disruptive game-changing hot startup, leveraging our first-mover advantage in deep tech by thinking outside the box, just before pivoting (in an agile way!) after our A/B tests showed concerns with our UX and product market fit, then finally putting our early adopter pick-up speed and monetization unit economics on viral escape velocity, earning us that unicorn-valuation series C term sheet. Don’t we?

With all that noise, it’s very easy to lose sight of the truly important concepts. One of the most important ones, maybe the

Andreas Goeldi

Technologist, entrepreneur and investor. Likes startups, gadgets, movies, good audio technology and rambling about any of those topics. Partner at btov.vc

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