Leave Your Smartphone in the Gym Locker

I had started my transformation (Russian) at the pretty standard fitness gym. I can’t say that it was for true bodybuilders and I had seen many times how boys and girls ruined their workouts because of smartphones. Here is how it looks like (just a few examples):

  • Girl talking on the phone that she holding between her ear and shoulder while doing butterfly. Needless to say that there is no place for focus and “mind-muscle connection”.
  • Girl talking on the phone while doing leg extensions. The same story.
  • Man continuously tweeting or scrolling Instagram timeline between his work sets of dumbbell flyes. So the rest time between sets is way more than reccomended 1–2 minutes. Low intensity and no pump means wasted time.

So leave your geeky/glamorous smartphone in the gym locker and use any simple MP3-player (and I would say that the last generation of Apple iPod shuffle is probably the best one for that because it has no display for distraction) instead of it for listening your favorite Pantera/Skrillex/Eminem/whatever power song that rise up your adrenaline and push you to 1MR beyond failure.