Three Simple Tips for Slideless Presentation

One day I had a session devoted to Active Directory Rights Management Services at Microsoft Certified Professionals Club Moscow Meeting. But this session was really different from hundreds of others I had during my career as public speaker because I didn’t use any slides. At all. I used only a flip chart and markers.

One of the attendees asked me «Why?», and here is my answer for him and you: «I don’t want to conduct this session like a monologue with just me speaking and you listening. I’d like to make it more interactive by being able to change the session flow depending on your questions.»

I can’t say that everything was ideal during that session, but it was nonetheless quite an interesting experience. As a speaker, I’ve got some tips that I want to share with you:

  • Do your draftsmanship homework. Try to draw the pictures that you’re going to use in your session. You’ll be surprised at how it’ll enhance your diagram’s readability.
  • BYOS (Bring You Own Stuff). Especially markers. You might find that markers in the conference room are either colorless or that they’re glamorous colors. So to avoid this just buy a new set.
  • Rotate flip chart to landscape mode. The protrait format is great for reading (books, magazines, etc.), but not for drawing complex infrastructure diagrams.

Hopefully this three simple tips will help you make your presentation outstanding.