Earth Day!

Getting involved

Every year, Earth day is celebrated on April 22. I always knew about this day, but never did anything at all. In the past few years, I noticed that we are living in a world that has a timer on it. What I mean is, as humans we are destroying our planet a lot faster that we can think. It is incredible that global warming and climate change has been in our backs many years ago and people don’t actually believe in this problem when loss of biodiversity, melting poles, floods, droughts and forest fires are happening continuously.

Before the flood

Recently, I watched a documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio called “Before the flood”. Since I wasn’t aware of Leonardo DiCaprio’s actions to help the world. I didn’t expect much of this documentary. At first, I thought it was going to be Leonardo DiCaprio just talking about global warming, climate change and other important factors that leads into the destruction of our planet. Turns out, I was completely wrong. Before the flood had so much information and mind blowing facts that it made me feel inspirational to help the planet. Also, I was impressed that Leonardo talked to other people around the world and explained how they are dealing with climate change.

Art & Design

In 2017, my class of Art & Design was in charge of organizing Earth Day. I was on the media content team which our job was sharing and inviting people to visit the activities that other teams prepared for Earth Day. First, I had the inspiration from the documentary “Before the flood” to make a short film about earth day and wasn’t planning to work with no more than two people. Then, I was assigned to a team of six people, but I didn’t mind because we split into video (short film), photography (Instagram account), and writing (blog). I thought it was a great idea because we would impact our audience with different platforms. Our main idea was that the blog would inform people, photography to get the viewers’ attention and a short film to create an emotional impact.

The project

I was really excited to start filming, so I went to Chipinque with some friends and film the beautiful nature. Afterwards, I realized I didn’t have enough content and not much time. I started to get worried because I didn’t feel as excited as I was before. I didn’t feel like it was going to fit inside the publicity area I was assigned to. Plus, I was asked to make posters of conferences which took some of my time. At this point, I didn’t know what to do. So, I talked to my team and agreed on that I would make short videos about global warming, facts and tips to help our planet earth.

Earth Day

The day which Earth Day was celebrated in my high school was really fun. I was impressed of the activities I came across. First, I saw a VR set made of recycled materials. Then, some of my friends did an activity where you had to count how many items you use on a daily basis and mark your finger print on a giant world. For me, my fingerprint was red which means that I don’t use a lot of items that damage the planet. Finally, I painted my own version of the earth and was one of my favorite things to do because I love painting. While all this was happening, I was happy to see that a projector was projecting some of my team’s videos. Also, I was surprised to see different videos from other generations because they were really creative.

Not my best :p

Responsibility has been or main value for this semester. Personally, I think that as adults we are responsible of the future of our planet. We carry a lot of responsibility because not only we can change the path that the future generations are going to walk on, but we have the responsibility to teach them the important meaning of taking care of our home. Also, we live in a time where digital devices are in our pockets. In that note, we are able to reach information about how to help the earth with one click. Recently, I found out about a new browser like Google called “Ecosia”. The difference about Google and Ecosia is that for every research you realize, the company plants a tree.

Final opinion

Overall, I loved Earth day and definitely inspired me for the future to make something to celebrate and remind other people of why it is so important to know the facts about our planet and what is going on.

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