This Is Not Normal

This account will take you on journey of a young boys life and I will warn you now, this is not normal. You will see the good, the bad, the twisted, and the ugly.

You will be taken on a ride with a 15 year old boy named Joseph Walch. He is 15 years old in 9th grade. He is 5'2" with blond, soft hair and vibrant green eyes. His personality on the outside was very outgoing, funny, happy, and joyful. To everyone he spoke to he was loved. That was only what people saw. This was truly Joseph but then there was “him”. The voice in his head. “Him” has no name but simply that. He is a shadow in the night that effects Joseph in more ways that anyone could know. “Him” likes to creep up on Joseph but most the time he can suppress him, but Joseph didn’t know the more he suppress “him”, the stronger “him” grows. “Him” never forgets and NEVER forgives. “Him” lives by one rule, “an eye for an eye and a little more to take home”.

So like I said before, this is not normal. His life will be posted new every week. You will see his worst of times and his best. You will be in his head and watching from the outside so please stay tuned for more of “This Is Not Normal”.

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