Progress Report: Agora Whitepaper v0.2 Is Now Available!

Hello Agorians,

We have put considerable time and focus into our whitepaper, which discusses the need for improved voting systems and the technology we’ve built to solve it. In this latest version of the Agora whitepaper, we provide updates on topics many of you have been asking us, including information about the VOTE token and its related architecture.

Here is a quick summary of what you’ll learn in our v0.2 update:

  • VOTE Token: Agora’s mathematically-driven VOTE token rewards a global community of node operators verifying Agora election results.
  • Valeda Network: The Valeda network is our decentralized group of auditor nodes who run cryptographic proofs on election results to publicly validate their authenticity. Our system can cryptographically prove that data has not been tampered.
  • Bonus Pools: Tokenholders who stake VOTE tokens for at least 90 days in a functioning Valeda auditor node are entitled to a pro rata share of bonus pool tokens. Bonus pools represent a blockchain network fee required for elections on Agora.

Click here to read v0.2 of Agora’s whitepaper and ask us your questions about it on Reddit!

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