25 SEPTEMBER, 2018

By Kiko Mathews

Let the adventure begin!

#bybikeandboat from U.K. around the top of Denmark and back.

Learning about and researching ocean plastics with Bytheoceanweunite (@btowu ). Not really sure I know what I’m doing or where I’m going but that’s the joy of an adventure 😬🤞😍

Day 1 (full day).


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Come rain or shine, the cycling must go on. 142 km today. .

Beer today

Rotterdam tomorrow

Day 2


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I made it to Rotterdam. Big breakfast. Bike broke, bike mended, no connection between the two. 260km total approx distance. .

Looking forward to setting sail tomorrow with @bytheoceanweunite. Exciting 😜. Boat name…


24 SEPTEMBER, 2018

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AGORA went around the world this August, highlighting businesses in line with our core values.

We kicked it off with Second Home , a social business with a mission to support entrepreneurship and creativity. …


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Serena Oppenheim is the Founder of Good Zing, a start-up designed to disrupt the way we access wellness information. It’s Yelp or Trip Advisor but for everyday health and wellness information

Here’s a bit more about the Founder:

What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a small kid, I went through the normal ‘I want to be…. an actress (until I realized I was terrified of public speaking), a runner (that this involved love of exercise) etc. …



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