Anne Cate: The studentrepreneur

Anne Cate: the girl who turned cityscapes into a dream come true. Annie Cate Skoch, a fashion merchandising major at Kent State University, has started her own business while pursuing her degree. She calls it Anne Cate. She started the cityscape design because she was homesick for her favorite cities: Cleveland, New York City and Chicago. She sells pouches, purses and plenty of other items, showcasing cityscapes around the world. Her most popular city: Cleveland. Skoch has started a collaboration with American Greetings and Monica Potter, a Cleveland based celebrity. She started this business on her own and is currently still getting her degree.

Anne Cate is designed as a simplistic, classic line that brings out a little piece of home. Skoch showcases over 50 different skylines with her line, on a variety of different products. Her most coveted pieces are her clutches and pillows. She designs all of her pieces herself. Sealing each piece with her official Anne Cate labels. Skoch pointed out that about 50 percent of her pieces are going to people in cities other than the cityscapes they order. Just as Skoch loved having her three favorite cities surrounding her, others share in the same interest. Everyone loves the hustle and bustle type energy that cities give off. Skoch is surely full of that surging energy. Anne Cate is a way of bringing along a little piece of home, no matter where you are.

Anne Cate is among the 31 percent of businesses owned by women, according to the National Association of Women Business Owners. Not only is it hard to create a business due to the initial investment and time consuming work, but creating a successful business, as a woman pursuing a degree, takes even more hard work.

As Krysta Vogel, a regular web surfer, viewed Anne Cate on the site, she explained that she would have had no idea that this site was run by someone going to a university as a full time student. Krysta later mentioned that she would definitely purchase from the store and would be proud to support a young entrepreneur such as Skoch. Vogel is on board the Anne Cate mission, saying “I think after all the work I have seen she has been putting in, as a Cleveland native, I would love to support her brand.” Anne Cate is exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Despite Skoch’s revamp of Anne Cate, her brand has stood the test of time. Six years to be exact. Anne Cate has broken past the statistic, as stated by Bloomberg, that 8 out of every 10 businesses crash and burn within the first 18 months. Anne Cate is thriving and exceeding Skoch’s expectations.

Skoch is a fashion merchandising major at Kent State University. This is one of Kent’s most competitive majors and includes a very rigorous workload. On top of her schoolwork, Skoch is managing her own business out of her apartment bedroom. Skoch spends hours and hours in school every week, and on top of that, she is churning out dozens of her products a week for her online store. Skoch explained that she never expected her business to grow as quickly as it did, leaving her with two full time commitments at once. Nonetheless, Anne Cate is Skoch’s dream come true. The young business owner works tirelessly, but her work has paid off. She is selling constantly on her site and now has a partnership with a major corporation. Not only is she showcasing her home city of Cleveland and promoting its growth, but she’s doing something she loves. With her classical style and fashion forward approach, Anne Cate is sweeping the CLE nation.