Week 3

My third week in San Francisco is coming to an end. I cannot believe how fast time is passing by, but the more it does the better it gets. This week was our first Work Sprint and I am proud to say I created something in less than 48 hours. A project, something I can put my name on. My first idea was to do an animation, a subject I knew nothing about. I spent the first part of the week watching Pixar in a Box on Khan Academy. Which taught me the principles of storytelling and how they bring their movies to life. For my video, I wanted to write a song in the background and have little figures dance to it, but I was setting myself too high for the little amount of time I had. Since I did not know how to work with any software (yet) I thought the best way to do an animation was with stop motion, which basically consists of a video of twelve frames/stills per second. And I enjoyed working with this technique because it is relaxing as you have to focus and make sure you don’t move when taking the pictures. I also felt like a kid doing a project for Art Class as most of the work was doing cut outs on cardboards, which was a lot of fun. This is the end result.

A sneak peak of the cutouts I made for the short film.

Speaking of fun activities, today I went to an art exhibit that was really interesting. They turned an entire motel into a gallery and in every room, there were displays from different artists. Walking around and talking to these people who were showing their work was inspiring. It made me realize how much art makes me happy. Overall, it was an amazing week!

Hotel del Sol. This is where the art exhibit took place.