Week 4

By the fourth week coming to an end, is official. We have been here for a month and, as we start week 5, we have half of our time in Launch left. Yes is the time to freak out, not because time is moving so fast, but because is time to start looking and preparing for internships. That was the main focus of last week.

Some things we did:

-We got our headshots taken.

-We made a profile in Vocate (a website that allows students to find internships)

-We polished our resumes

-We learned the three main ways to get an internship. The main door, the side door, and the creative approach.

The front door is the most commonly way for students. You sign up to a random website where they send your resume to a hundred companies, and wait for a response. Is very convenient as you can view all the available jobs in one place and is very easy to apply. But is also hard as you have more competition (the amount of people using the same site to apply for jobs) and less opportunity to personalize your resume for a specific company.

The side door is when you meet someone who can get you an internship. Whether is a person from networking event or a Facebook group, you are introduced to a job. In this one, it is easier to get hired since someone is putting a good word for you.

The creative approach is where you do something to catch the company’s attention. You make something that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Most probably, I will use a mix of these three to hopefully land an internship.

Aside from that, I am focusing on filmmaking and design. To edit my videos, I changed from Final Cut Pro to Premiere and it was a little frustrating. The amount of options was overwhelming and lead to frustration. but I was glad because that is where the learning begins. When you move from the unknown unknowns to the known unknowns, by stepping into your zone of proximal development, ZPD. This is the area where you are a little out of your comfort zone so that you struggle to complete a task, but is not unreachable or impossible to achieve.