Week 6

I had a strong start of the week. On Monday I woke up, meditated and did some yoga, which set me up to have a good day. Then I decided to stay home and work the entire morning instead of going to the office and felt really productive. Is funny how some simple things like exercise and mindfulness can improve your mood so much.

Another thing that happened this week; WORKSPRINT!

What is that, you ask? Well, a worksprint is a 48 hour period of time where you have to create something.

Since I went solo on the last one I decided to pair up and collaborate with two other awesome fellows on a lightroom. The idea was to project animations on three different walls. The theme was to make something that would brighten up other people’s day in a short period of time. We draw things that make us happy and added sound effects to them. I used Adobe After Effects and Photoshop to create the animations. At the beginning, it was frustrating because I spent four hours trying to animate a night sky with stars, the simplest thing. And yes, there were a few moments of desperation; where I thought we were not going to finish the project in time. The second day I had a similar experience but I was getting a hold of the program so I could focus on bigger things and details. And since we were working as a group, we had some extra motivation to work even harder because we couldn’t let each other down. That was one of the biggest plus of collaborating; you always have someone cheering you up and encouraging to keep going. It was a lot of work and we stayed up until 7 am at the office preparing the room, went to the dorms to take a shower and headed back to the office to finish setting up the space. Even though I didn’t sleep that night, I never felt so alive in my life. As we were walking down to the theater to do the presentation I started to get nervous and I had a realization; this is the first time that I show meaningful work for me with other people. I felt vulnerable. I really cared about the work I was about to present and I was proud of it.

Things I learned this week:

  • If you find time to do one good habit a day, as little as it might be, it can improve your mood significantly and keep you grounded throughout the day.
  • With teamwork, you can create amazing things combining your talents, even if you only have 48 hours.
  • If you want to be proud of your work you need to care for it and show things that matter to you.