Week 2

Last week was a very productive week. I accomplished almost all of my goals, went to an event and learned plenty of useful things.

What I learned from the workshops:

How to send cold emails.

Moving from the unknown unknowns to the known unknowns. That is why cold emailing is important. If they reply, you get a professional to answer the questions you have about their careers. So far only one person answered my emails. Is it a waste of time? No. Now I know that I have to send more in order to get more answers and those emails I sent in the past were practice and guidelines for future ones that I write.

Networking and improvising conversation.

The most important thing about networking is to find out how you can help the other person, is not about what you can get from somebody else. We also had to talk about random topics for thirty seconds. I realized that I have been doing this while working in my mother’s organization. I did not know I had an advantage until I went to a film screening and panel discussion about ethical fashion. After it ended, I had the opportunity to talk to one of the panelists who is a correspondent for NBC news and who happens to live in Paris. So I killed two birds with one stone; I practiced my French and gained a contact in LinkedIn.

The proper way to make habits stick.

In one of the workshops, we talked about creating and holding habits. The magic formula is: You need an anchor, a tiny behavior, and a celebration. An anchor is a behavior that you are going to be attaching your new habit. These are things that you do every day without thinking about them, like brushing your teeth. A tiny behavior is a simplified version of the habit you want to develop. So for example, if your habit is to exercise more, you can do ten push ups after you brush your teeth. The last part of the recipe is to celebrate. This needs to happen right after your tiny behavior.

Apart from the classes, I am studying filmmaking, German, graphic design, songwriting and how to play the ukelele.