Week 7

This week was about moving to the next phase in UnCollege. On Monday, we had two mock interviews to prepare ourselves for the real ones to come in the next couple of weeks. It was good to know and have feedback on the areas I need to work on before applying for a job. To get ready for the internship, I have been giving the final touches to my resume, writing a cover letter and making sure I have a place to showcase my work during Launch. Assembling my portfolio allowed me to reflect on everything I accomplished so far in UnCollege. What an incredible experience. This is the most productive I have been in my life and the time I pushed myself the most to do more and go beyond the limit. Am I tired? Yes. Everyone is exhausted during Launch, but I don’t want to stop. This is the only time in our life where we get to work on anything we want to without restrictions. Where you get to challenge yourself and see what you can create. We have to take it in as much as we can and keep going because our time is short. Next week is our final worksprint, where you have 48 hours to challenge yourself to make something new. My anxiety was high most of the week because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make something as good or as original as the last project. If I learned anything in UnCollege is that you have to push your fears aside and keep going. Although the thought is still in the back of my mind, Karin and I brainstormed ideas and I believe in our creative skills, if we combine our knowledge, we will create something great.