LAUNCH: Week 1

Intense. If I had to choose one word to describe this week, it would probably be intense. The first thought I had when I arrived at the dorms was, this is weird. Something felt off and my walk to Target to buy bed sheets was full of reverse cultural shock. Although the streets were packed with people since it was Saturday night, it sounded quiet. The ambiance was calm and organized. I missed the beautiful chaos. However, adjusting to the city was easier than I thought. Do not get me wrong, it was hard, and I missed India every single day, but I did not think about it as often because there was so much going on. And when I was not doing anything, I was too tired to reflect on the beautiful country, and all I wanted to do was sleep thanks to jet lag. However, the intensity of the week was not due entirely to the transitioning part of my time here. Preparing a presentation on the Voyage phase occupied most of my day, and it was a learning experience.

Some things I learned editing the video:

- Have a plan. Is easy to just start grabbing clips and try to compile them together. That is exactly what I did, and it ended up being a waste of time because I kept on changing the position of the footage. If you have a clear idea of what the final result should look like and what story you want to tell, you will be more productive.

- Prioritize. I was working on a tight schedule close to the deadline and focusing on small details, like color correction when I didn’t even have the video finished. I ended up going back and forth and wasting my time as I would delete the clips sometimes. Have a draft of your project first and then try to polish it.