I’ve seen the rainbows, the sunshine and the rain. You are still the most beautiful thing that my eyes have ever seen.

Why is commitment scary?

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Dedication, obligation and restriction of freedom. Big words.

Being committed to something and someone is the challenge that almost all of us is always facing. If it is that simple then why is it hard?

First, It’s not simple.

The main reason behind this is; Comfort Zone. As a human being, we grow and change. From the very start, we already learned to draw the circle of our comfort zone. Remember how babies cry if their mothers get fond of a different baby? How about when toddlers tend to behave properly when there are other people around? That’s only two of the reasons that obviously states why comfort zone is important. We draw the line between our likes, wants and dislikes so when we are put in a situation that we don’t like or we don’t know, most of the time we run. The funny thing is, people tend to think of the easiest route to go out of the stink, rather than get through it.

Same thing with commitments.

It is a state that asks us to get out of this circle that we’ve drawn around ourselves. That’s why it is hard.

Ever since the beginning of time people already asked for freedom. Freedom from pain, hunger, war and laws. Commitment doesn’t come with that. People doesn’t want that. Who like restrictions? Do you?

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