#lifeisnotdateasy yaa everyday is a new challenge.Man you need to wake up evry morning and run to survive to exist.

You want to do something and u hav to do other thing jus becoz you r girl. To be a girl is very difficult task trust me. You hav to face so many issues. #familyissues before doing anything you hav.to first think will my family will allow to do this. Mom, i never understand wht she is upto. At times she act soo sweet dam and at times she is so weird. Cnt they make it simple and sweet. Why all d girl hav to face such problems. Late night parties not allowed, wearing mini skirts or one piece seems like she is slut i mean wtf. Dude evn if she is slut mind ur own business i mean who d hell are you to judge her. If she is hanging out with a guy omg is he her boyfriend or he is dating her. Why!!i mean wt forces you to think dat!!is she your sister or your relative. Seeing a girl wearing minis n wearing lipstick boys or i say dat old chuks be like omg she is hot totta bhabhi h teri aaj raat ko free ho call me. Fuck that thinking i mean two min silence for those. Dont those guys or old uncles hav wife or behen or moms. How can u even think of dat. Cant u see those girls with respect. #nothingisgoingtochange or #wecanbringachange

Its all up to us how we see the things and hw can we bring the change nor me nor only u but we together can. If one take a step to do right trust me it can be effective. It can and will someday. I have problem with those who are fungus in our society who make dat girl feel dat she is slut if she is wearing dat minins.

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