8.1 Final App Submission

My friend Nikhil Chaudhary and I finished working on our webapp “ShareBook”, which is a book sharing webapp designed with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript on front-end and Node.js on backend.

This project has been developed as a part of hasura internship program. I am very thankful to whole hasura team for giving me this opportunity of internship with them.

The app development process via Hasura internship was an awesome experience. The guidance received and the tools provided by the Hasura platform are very good and makes the tasks easier too.

So ,Finally after working for almost 2 months now our web app is functional.Here, I am going to give you a tour of our final app:

This is Home Page, where you will get an idea about the functionality of our webapp. In our app user can borrow,buy or post any books. All the details will be shown after user logged in.

This is login and signup structure:

After user logged in:

This is borrow and buy page: UI of both page are same,only the search result will show according to the option whether the book is borrowable or buyable.

This is Post page : Here the user will add books.

This is profile page : Here the user can see books they have added.

And this is the feedback Page :

Here is the quick demo video of our app :

This is link to our final webapp: Feel free to give your valuable feedback, so that we can improve it more.

Thank You.