How often should you snack??

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The Science of Snacking

Snacking is the practice of consuming foods/beverages in between your regular meals. Snack foods range from processed foods like chips, cola, and chocolates to healthy foods like nuts, seeds, yogurt, and vegetables. The frequency varies from once a day to three or more times a day in addition to regular meals.

Insulin release with 3 meals
Insulin release with frequent snacking

How can we prevent snacking?

Obesity is time-dependent. The longer you had been in this cycle, the harder it is to break. However, the first thing you can do on your path to recovery is to get a hold of yourself and improve your eating habits. You can start by adopting the following suggestions:

  • Include a lot of fats(unsaturated) and proteins in your diet. They are calorie-dense and lead to the secretion of satiating hormones in our body which will keep your cravings at bay.
  • Reduce refined carbs from your diet. They are nutritionally bland and will lead to more cravings.
  • Practice intermittent fasting. It will allow your elevated insulin levels to subside.
  • If your job is labor-intensive and you need to eat something, go for foods like seeds, nuts, and yogurt. They are any day better than refined carbs which give you a surge of glucose for a limited period of time.
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