Kite Udega Boss!

The title was supposed to be The Kite That Flew Over Infinite Jest but as it turns out I have neither read the book nor given the entrance.

Its funny how we grow up and out of many things for which we once would go on hunger strikes and vows of silence. This festival of kites, instead of tying up knots (Google search : Kinyas of Kite in English), here I am writing and searching up things in which I can substantiate my obsession with Charlie Brown in the wee hours before D-Day.

Let’s go back in our TARDIS and see what I was doing the previous year. As it turns out, I had no Facebook update, probably was sulking behind a 4x4 cubicle as my friends and family sent me photos of the Kite festival and the usual #WittyBanter kites which soared the skies. A lot changes over the years and the gradual change in the festivities makes one doubt that whether there will be a festival to celebrate in coming years.

Happiness=Festival Celebrations , Intelligence= DeSocietization of India

Learning to fly a kite on your own successfully is up there with riding the bicycle, shaving your beard,crossing the road and many memories which after some time become a reflex in our day to day life. They all form a part of what is called our Reverie, a happy place though achieved through cuts and bruises and the occasional kite stuck in the cable wires.

Probably that’s what is keeping us from forgetting these festivals. As we grow more towards the technology to make our lives simpler, it simply can not make us cringe at the random Himesh Reshammiya playlist playing at a distant terrace or give us the pleasure of bending that kite with our head to give it a nice curve to float in the air(and the usual catastrophe of breaking a kite into two).

As a kid who has had less experience with flying kites in an open ground, I miss running with the east wind in my hair and tying up bits and pieces of string to let it rip.

More so as we move to terraces, the thrill of catching an impending kite wounded after a ferocious battle flying over your head with that glimmer of hope in the form of string going past you and also handling your own kite is the best life lesson right there. Learn to multitask even when people say focus on one thing for its GUJARAT and UTTRAYAN! The kati-patang is much better than the one you are flying for your plate of poha always has less onions and tomatoes when multiple plates are being prepared.

Fly On. Fly On. Fly On. Fly On till your fingers turn blue oooooooooo.

PS: Don’t hog all the undhiyas and jalebis and snacks alone, they are for everyone!