The Day You Said Goodbye

Seems like yesterday,

when you walked in through those doors,


the sun shining in the background,

casting shadow of a princess on the ground beneath.

I still remember the way you walked in,

your black hair cascading down like a waterfall,

and those perfectly curved lips,

pursed tightly,

those brown eyes,beckoning me to a world of delectation.

I can still hear your voice,

crisp and fresh as morning breeze,

the fuchsias dancing merrily,

the daisies singing to the tune.

I can still feel that delicate touch of yours,

the way your hand slipped in mine,

clasping it tightly,

reassuring me that you were there.

The air around,charged with passion,

making it difficult to concentrate on anything,

but you,

your beautiful smile and the heart that came with it.

I was at your wish.

You were my Zenobia and I,

a company soldier.

It’s been time since it all happened,

and every bit of it was special,

for me and hope for you too,


I still remember the time spent with you,

the day I met you,

the hours spent seeing you smile,

and the day you said goodbye.