How I hacked 74k users of a website.

Utkarsh Agrawal
Mar 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Hello guys,

I follow this Quote “Sharing is Caring” so I decided to share my vulnerability which I found in a website and the vulnerability I named it is “Admin Panel Pawned”. Now Sounds Interesting. Let’s talk about How I found it?

I am not taking the name of the website but instead I use and also I don’t have screenshots, but I will try my best to explain it clearly. ;)

So while I browsing the website for 1 hour I noticed that a directory is present in the website which is the “admin” directory. Now every researcher will go excited to test that directory as I was.

When I go for that directory it says “No Access” error. As I was 90% sure.

Now we all have a great tool i.e. dirbuster. If newbie are reading this, and don’t know about dirbuster ( it is a tool for bruteforce the directory. Or Directory Bruteforcer.)

So I ran it on that directory like

So I just minimize the dirbuster window and go for check other vulnerabilities ( and yeah I found 2 XSS one is simple and other one is “filtered bypass XSS protection” :P ). So When I Come back and check the dirbuster what I see a Bunch of the directories are available.

So I was like

But When I go for check it, I got “No Access”. But I know that I have some malicious stuff in my hand so I want to dig more.

And then I got a file i.e. remove_access.php

So when I go for it, I got a super cool webpage which have a user input field for Username with a delete button.

Now When I type my Username into it. It remove my account successfully from it. I screamed loudly. :p

This is the screenshot after removing the account. This is only the screenshot I have.

Now I can delete any user (from the list of 74k) in their website, Even the ADMIN itself.

So, I quickly go to report the issue, with the XSS vulnerabilities.

Then I get a quick reward, and also they changed the 50%code of their website. And they invite me for pentest their new site Comprehensively.

Now, guys this is really a amazing experiance. I always want to pwned Admin panel and I did it.

Nothing to say more. But, Thank you very much for reading this blog.


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