SQLi is everywhere.


This is my first blog post so I am very excited to share this.

This is the story of 3 SQL injection which i found on a program. I am not taken name of that instead let’s say “abc.com” domain.

So as proceed with my first step to collecting the url’s of abc.com domain. So I started digging and collect hundred of urls. And then i started to see if i get some interesting one. And yes, I found a very interesting url which contains a lot of parameters. Something like this.

“ http://abc.com/file.php?ref=-3&uploader=plupload&single=&local=&search=&offset=0&order_by=relevance&sort=DESC&archive=0&collection=&metadatatemplate=&relateto=&redirecturl=”

Now I was very curious to test this URL because more params more opportunities. My first test case is always “XSS” (Developer most of the time forgot to sanitize all the input parameters.). So i started digging for XSS but failed. Now I move on to the SQL by injecting the single quote (‘) to each of the parameter and one parameter i found that is vulnerable to the SQL injection and i.e. sort=DESC. When i inject single quote to that parameter and luckily i got the SQL syntax error with leaking the database name and version no. Then I was like

I quickly submitted that bug to the team. And then i took a deep breath and sit aside. Next day, again i started to check the all the url which are found yesterday to test some other vulnerabilities but wait a minute. There is a POST request for edit the profile, and When we click the submit button the POST request contains post parameter and in these i found interesting parameter “resource_type=2" So i submitted single quote to that, again i found beautiful SQL syntax error. (Off course this was not the case for XSS and any other.)

One last, On that request i saw that there is a same parameter which i found first i.e. sort=DESC in the cookie section, so i was pretty sure that this is also be vulnerable and Yes it is. So i submitted all 3 SQL bugs to that company.

I didn’t sleep full night, Excitement ;), And quickly i got triage and Resolved Reputation. But No rewards, they notified “At this time we are not award any bounties and cash rewards” on the Report policy as i know. But I will never forget that awesome feeling when i found.

But anyways through this experience, We should agree that “Web application always have some vulnerabilities so you are need to find them which are hidden behind the curtains.”

Thank you. Hope you liked it. Tweet me @agrawalsmart7

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